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Thing of the month November 2014:

Souvenir-Pillow Brandenburg Gate

Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall our thing of the month November is a Souvenir-Pillow with the motif of the Brandenburg Gate.
It was sold since 1990 by the department store Karstadt.
Till 1989 the Brandenburg Gate was a symbol for the division and since then for the reunification of Berlin and Germany. As a motif for different souvenirs the Brandenburg Gate is still very popular.

Souvenir-Pillow Brandenburg Gate
Poster "Deutsche Werkbundausstellung Coeln 1914" designed by F. H. Ehmcke
Repurposed military object from the First World War
cat pic
advertisting poster from 1952
Hand-shaped peeler
dumbbell (part of a tank)

milk watcher
mysterious thing
Hallesche Form
Table clock NEOS Memphis, 1988

Glitter nail files
Fan heater Astron (Mod. AD 14), 1953
SpongeBob Easter Egg
Vacuum Cleaner, Siemens
Hairdrier WIX Model 5061, "Snoopy", 1993
Coffee mug
Outsider Plush Toy
Hermann Muthesius to Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Catalogue of my Japonica
Catalogue of my Japonica
Riemerschmid to Muthesius, 1902
ALI BAKOVA: Mustafa (the Series Prison Break), 2009
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Souvenir-Pillow Brandenburg Gate

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