The Thing Studio

Every third Saturday, the next date is on May 13. Free Admission.
Selbstbau Maus, Foto: Armin Herrmann.

Selbstbau Maus, Foto: Armin Herrmann.

A creative event for families on the third Saturday of each month

In cooperation with the association Jugend im Museum.

Things may be old or new, beautiful or ugly, big or small, expensive or cheap, familiar or strange: they have countless stories to tell, surprising facts, and infinite possible forms. The Museum offers 40,000 objects to discover and explore creatively. Every Saturday studio has a different theme. After a visit to the exhibition, guests will design their own objects using a wide variety of materials and model-making techniques. And you can take your finished thing home with you!

A workshop with Isabell Müller , Assistant: Andrea Einhaus

Usually every third Saturday of each month.
Next dates:
May 13 (Attention! This is the second Saturday)
June 17
Time: 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. (please be on time)
Admission and participation are free.
For children ages 6 years and up.
No registration is necessary.

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