Tour of luck
How luck is found in things

5 December, 2021
12-7 pm
Titelbild Tour durchs Glück

Maneki-neko, Waving cat, Japanese lucky charm, Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge © Rose Epple

ATTENTION: Despite the 2G rule, masks are mandatory. Due to the current situation, we will also forego guided tours and workshops on December 5, 2021. 


What is an amulet? Why do we have mascots? Is luck found in things? Join us on a search for clues in the museum: Here, all kinds of Lucky Things are waiting to be discovered.
Be part of the action: Bring your personal lucky charms and take a picture of them at our photo station for our lucky charms collection! Tell us your ideas about happiness! At the exit of the exhibition, we have set up a fountain of happiness! 

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