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The shop in the entrance area of the Museum der Dinge offers selected print & design articles from Berlin and around the world. 
Our available publications can be found here.


In addition, we offer a variety of souvenirs:

- Posters & Postcards

- Stationery, such as notebooks, pens, letter openers, etc.

- Tin toys, playing cards, rattles, etc.

- Kitchenware, such as enamel, tea towels, coasters, etc.

- Porcelain and decorative bowls

- Confectionery, like licorice & chocolates

- Gifts for children & adults

- Vouchers for our shop, tickets & "Wundertüten"

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Also in the museum store...
The "Wundertüten" vending machine:
The Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge Berlin invented the "Wundertüte" in the mid-1990s. The conceptual starting point is the museum's collection and exhibition work. A "Wundertüte" contains one or several objects, a commentary in pictorial or textual form, and a candy.

For the sensational price of 4,- € "Wundertüten" of different series can be purchased in the vending machine in front of the museum.

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Wundertüte 2
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+49 (0)30 / 92 10 63 -66 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, noon to 7:00 p.m.)