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Links to other websites related to Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge


Deutscher Werkbund e.V.
Homepage of DWB - Bundesverband

Deutscher Werkbund Bayern e.V.
Homepage of DWB in Bavaria

Deutscher Werkbund Berlin e.V.
Homepage of DWB Berlin

Deutscher Werkbund Nord e.V.
Homepage of DWB Nord

Homepage of Swiss Werkbund (SWB)


Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung Berlin
This institution presents and does research on the history and the impact of the Bauhaus – the most important school for architecture, design and art of the 20th century.

Bröhan-Museum Berlin
Museum of Art nouveau, Art deco and functionalism (1889-1939)

Dokumentationszentrum Alltagskultur der DDR

GRASSI Museum für angewandte Kunst Leipzig
The collection comprises far more than 90.000 objects of European and Non-European applied arts from antiquity to the present.

Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin
Collection of European applied arts from the middle ages to the present.

Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden
The museum shows European applied arts from the Middle ages to the present as well as East asian objects. The main focus is on applied arts from Saxony.

Museum der unerhörten Dinge
Museum Of The Unheard things. A literarily cabinet of curiosities, in which the often overlooked, hardly noticed, therefore unheard things tell their incredible and unlikely sories.

Museum für angewandte Kunst Köln
The museum is dedicated to European applied arts from the Middle ages to the present and houses an important collection of design since 1900. Since November 2008 the presentation of the collection has been updated and now includes the Winkler collection.

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich
Museum for design and visual communication in Switzerland

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg
Museum of cultural history, applied arts, design and photography. The collection – starting from antiquity up to the present – comprises European, Islamic and Far Eastern culture.

Museumsportal Berlin
Information about all 200 Berliner museums

Neues Museum Nürnberg
The federal museum for art and design in Nuremberg displays selected examples of international design from 1945 to the present day.

red dot design museum
The Essen based museum houses the worldwide biggest exhibition of contemporary design. All exhibited products are winners of the red dot design award.

Vitra Design Museum
This museum does research on international history and contemporary development of industrial furniture design and related subjects.


Design des 20. Jahrhunderts
Expert run trade place for 20th century applied arts and industrial design

Werkbundstadt Berlin
A district within Charlottenburg-Nord shall be reconnected to the city a place to live and work. The Werkbund Berlin is responsible this new construction project.

Conference: Herausforderung ästhetische Bildung (Loheland Stifutung)

marcel breuer school - school for wood, glas and design

Museumsakademie Joanneum
Centre of excellence for conservation and art in Graz/Austria

The Non-Profit organisation "RecyclingBörse!" is a member of the
research-group Recycling e.V. (AKR). Its main tasks are recycling, environment policy and employment, as well as art and culture.

Associations, Federations & Foundations

Gesellschaft für Designgeschichte e.V
The GfDg aims to intensify the critical analysis of design history and to link historical research and practice. 

IDZ Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin
Centre for consulting and mediating for design in Berlin, platform for the exchange of ideas and professional networking.

Rat für Formgebung
Centre of excellence for communication and transfer of knowledge in the design sector.

Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer e.V.
The VDID is networking between industry and designers as well as politics and economy