The eroticism of data
Alfred C. Kinsey, Sampling, & cultural representations

Thursday, June 28, 2018, 7 pm
Alfred Kinsey & Kollegen (o. J.) © 2017, Kuratorium d. Indiana University, alle Rechte vorbehalten
Alfred Kinsey and his colleagues Paul Gebhard and William Dellenback  with Moche pottery (n. d.) © 2017, The Trustees of Indiana University on behalf of the Kinsey Institute. All rights reserved.

Lecture by Judith A. Allen within the framework of the special exhibition The Eroticism of Things. Collections on the History of Sexuality (in English)

The sexologist and zoology professor, Alfred C. Kinsey (1894-1956) sampled sexual behavior via 18,000 interviews. He also sampled portrayals of erotic behaviors and desires suppressed by Anglo-American mores. Art, to Kinsey, was data. Ungrounded in aesthetics, he sought from cultural production accurate representation of human erotic proclivities.  Yet, many cultures’ erotic codes diverged from Western norms, impelling approaches to artistic eroticism beyond his zoological frameworks.  


Judith A. Allen

Judith A. Allen

Judith A. Allen is a Professor of History and a Senior Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. Her research interests focus on the transformations in gender and sexualities affecting attributes, behaviors, and beliefs, – and their decisive political and cultural consequences – especially as manifested in histories of sexualities, crimes, population patterns, medicine, and law.

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