Things that attract
Erotic objects from the perspective of current theories on 'object agency'

24.05.2018, 7 pm
Agents of Love

Lecture by Claudia Breger

Current theories by Bruno Latour and Jane Bennett emphasize the power of objects to act and their overall capacity to function in object-human networks. Unlike psychoanalytic approaches (e.g. fetishism), these current theories do not usually focus on sexuality or eroticism, but the lecture explores this connection. Which new perspectives on erotic objects can be opened with Latour or Bennett? And what can they contribute to the investigation of the role of objects in the consolidation or dissolution of gender relations?

Claudia Breger is Villard Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Columbia University in New York. Her current research and teaching focuses on literature, film and theatre in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with a focus on literary, cultural and media theory, as well as intersections with gender, sexuality and racism.

Admission free.

Eroticism of Things is a joint exhibition by the Research Center for the Cultural History of Sexuality at Humboldt University, Berlin and the Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge in honor of Magnus Hirschfeld’s 150th birthday in cooperation with the Kinsey Institute and the World Erotic Art Museum. It is the first show in a series of cooperative research and exhibition projects the research center has planned with the World Erotic Art Museum collection established by Naomi Wilzig.