The museum app

As of now, our new museum app is available in the App Store and Google.Play Store for download. It allows you to explore the museum even better. 


The app offers thematic tours through the permanent exhibition to listen to and read. In addition, there is detailed information on individual objects, a map showing the location of the objects, a personal area for favorites and notes, as well as general information about the museum and your visit. 
You can choose between three approaches to the objects in the app:

  • thematic tours through the collection
  • QR codes on the showcases that, when scanned, take you directly to the object info 
  • selection of an object from a tile view of our collection

All information is available in German, English and in Leichter Sprache ("easy language"). 

If you scan the following QR code, you will immediately be taken to the download area of the app in your respective store: 

QR Code App

Mobile users can go directly to the store here.

We wish you a lot of fun!