Drop-In Workshops
with the 'gern modern?' Construction Kit

Grundriss im Maßstab 1:2 beim Drop-In Woprkshop mit dem 'gern modern'-Baukasten
Floorplan on a 1:2 scale. Foto: Nicola von Albrecht.

Everyone is an expert on living! The platform DIY Wohnberatungsstelle invited visitors of 'gern modern? Living Concepts for Berlin after 1945' to shape and participate in the exhibition's topics and appearance. Faced with different challenges, we asked the same question for every workshop: 'How shall we live?' We will build the answers with huge building blocks and tape on a 1:2 scale.

On February 12, this workshop took place for the first time and we asked ourselves, how three people who have never met before could share a 65m2 appartment. On February 26, the task at Museum der Dinge was: 65 sqm for a single dad and his three kids. Two weeks later we built an appartment including a smart home-office solution.

Drop-In Workshop, gern modern, Baukastenworkshop
Colourful Tapes and a building block during one of the last drop-in workshops. Photo: Ncola von Albrecht.
Thanks to Klebeland for providing these awesome tapes for our workshops!
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