Draft by Herbert Hirche

Thing of the Month May 2017
Draft by Herbert Hirche

Sammlungsdokument Entwurfszeichnung für Sperrholzstuhl, Herbert Hirche, Zeichnungen eines Stuhls aus verschiedenen Perspektiven

Herbert Hirche: Plywood chair, design for the German Industrial Exhibition 1950, Design draft, Photo: Armin Herrmann

Thing of the Month May is a draft from our archive by Herbert Hirche who developed this stackable plywood chair for the first official appearance of the Berlin Werkbund at the German Industrial Exhibition, Berlin. It opened its doors at the exhibition grounds in 1950. Art histrorian wrote about it in his review: "These are beginnings, but good beginnings that commensurate with the economic standard. If things continue this way, and if more companies understood the time, in ten years our living culture could once again compete with that in America and the Scandinavian countries. Only homes are missing. But they’ll be built by then."

Sammlungsobjekt Sperrholzstuhl, Herbert Hirche, helles Holz, Lehne mit Schlitz, Aufnahme frontal

Plywood Chair, Herbert Hirche, 1953. Photo: Armin Herrmann.

Herbert Hirche's plywood chair is on display in the current special exhibition gern modern? Living Concepts for Berlin after 1945 in historic photogrpahs and in 3D as a further development from 1953.