Kettle by Peter Behrens

Thing of the Month January 2015
Kettle by Peter Behrens

Sammlungsobjekt Teekanne aus patiniertem Kupfer mit gehämmerter Oberfläche, bastumwickelter Henkel, Peter Behrens für AEG 1909

Kettle, designed by Peter Behrens for AEG, 1909© Collection Werkbundarchiv – Museum der Dinge / Photo: Armin Herrmann

Peter Behrens is one of the pioneers of the modern industrial design. His models of kettles for the company AEG are prominent examples for a rationalised production. With 3 basic types and 3 different materials and surfaces and a selection of different handles numerous variants could be produced.

The different types of kettles are shown at the actual special exhibition "Made in Germany – Politics through Things. The German Werkbund in 1914".